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Get Involved

The City of Garland recognizes public participation and comment as essential to the planning process. In order to effectively plan for the city's future, stakeholders from across Garland were invited to participate in Envision Garland. Residents, business owners, property owners, youth organizations, community organizations, and other stakeholders showed their interest in the future of Garland by participating in the various opportunities for public input.

Opportunities for Public Participation

The City of Garland conducted a series of community input meetings and workshops. The City hosted a Community Visioning Workshop and Open House at which residents, property owners, and community leaders gathered together to share thoughts and ideas on the Garland's future. Following that event, Envision Garland hosted the Growing the Vision Workshop Series. These workshops built on previous public input and began to show how the vision can be applied to the city and its neighborhoods. For more information, read the Community Visioning Workshop Final Report and the Growing the Vision Workshop Series Final Report.

The Plan Commission and City Council hosted a series of public hearings on Envision Garland to discuss the draft comprehensive plan. In March 2012, the City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Envision Garland Comprehensive Plan.

All downloadable documents are in Adobe PDF format, unless otherwise noted.